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*my blue lullaby * Mary P.

Silly Sketches

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This is some of my work. Some stupid sketches...
Notice that most of this is done for 15 minutes and that it's really bad and that I'm going to art school so I would learn to be better. So, don't laugh! I CAN do better - I just need more time! :)

Pin-up collection

No, this doesn't mean I'm crazy about Marilyn now, I just like how she looks. She's still bad actress.:)

Lola FanFic

Why does Lola looks like Plyaboy girl? I dunno. I'm working on her too. :)))

Harry Potter fanart

It's not exacly how I imagine Bella (I think she's MUCH more beautiful), but let's say it in her Azkaban years...:)

It's scene from DH when Harry attacks poor Dromeda thinking she's Bella. :) Though, my Dromeda's head is way too elongate... So I'll have to work on her more... :)

Yep, my Luna does look like 8-year-old girl... It's not how I think she should look, but.... :)