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Of coures, Harry Poter and co. are JKR's and not mine - if they were, why would I write this???

I can say this is my first fan fic, since everything I wrote before was rubbish:) I also need to note, before I start, that characters of Liza (LIE-za), Magalie (ma-ga-LEE), Ryuu (REE-oo) and Luce Rose (LOOS ROZ) are based on real persons, but those persons actually made their own characters. That’s why I need to thanks to Melly, Tiff, Dee and Eva on their help and support about this story:) And I send big thanks to Julia, my BETA, since if there wasn't her, this story would be like Tarzan wrote it. :)

Harry Potter fan fic


PG-13 (mayeb even less, but just in case)

Main character:

Lestranges and other HPco. and my own characters as Lola, Lin...


Family, romance, drama, fantasy



It often happens to me that people say, ‘What a memory you have!’ ... There are memories I have from when I was three or even two years old. Those memories are usually connected to my mother... :story of Bellatrix's daughters:



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