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*my blue lullaby * Mary P.

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Notice - order with which I told about my friends doesn't mean who I love most and who least - it just follows chronological order in which I met them.:)

Milica (Melanie)
Nickname: Melly
Born on 28 or 29 August of 1992.
Goes to 1st year at  9th gymnasium (Belgrade)
When you put sweetness, shyness, frendlyness and sometimes sillyness in on person, you get Melly. She ahs been my best friend since ago of 3. Although we'll never decide who came to kindergarden first... I know that I can always count on her, no matter if it's hard time or I just need someone to with who I will discuss how can you take your eyes off with box of candies (don't even try to understand). Also, she's smart, smart, smart - and she studies all the time!:)

Tijiana (Tiffany)
Nickname: Tiff
Born on 16th of September 1992.
Goes to 1st year of Tourist High School (to be tourist guide)
 Always funny, sometimes silly and ready to make you laugh - that's my Tiff. But it's not all - Tiff is always there when you need her to make you feel better and to make you laugh when it's hard. She's carring and realistic, always on ground, and that's why I adore her! Tiff is not lier and that's so wonderful - not many persons are like that today! She's also full of energy, great dancer and she looooves to travel (especially to Turkey)!

Nickname: I like to call her Svetlana, Dee or Dea. But she hates both names so you better call her simply and normally, Andrea. :)
Born on 22nd January 1992.
Goes to 1st year philological gymnasium
Dee is my dear "Japanise" friend - smart, amibious, strong, real and truthful, but silly and spontaneous as well! And all that I so love about here! I know when I call her, she'll talk to me! She'll support me and listne to me! She also adores to read (just as I do:)) what's so great (she loooooves epic fantasy!)! You reary find such book-butterfly these days! Also, she's quite in love with Orlando Bloom and 1000 other nice guys from Hollywood and around... ;) 

Darija (Daria)
Nickname: If you wanna die, Dara. If not, Eva:)
Born on 30th September of 1992. (or 12th January of 1912.:))
Goes to 1st year of 10th gymnasium (Belgrade) "Mihailo Pupin"
What conection names Daria and Eva have? None. But she was treating me so "nicely" that I started calling her Eva Braun.;)That's why she's our Eva now, Of course, she's also really fine (when she wants), funny (when she wants), crazy (when she wants), friendly (when she wants) and ready to help (when she wants). She's strong, not spoilt, and don't let first impression confuse you - she's actually great, emotional person when you start to know her. When SHE wants, of cores...:)