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*my blue lullaby * Mary P.

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My brother Anderj (Andrew)
Born on 8th May of 1998.
Goes to 3rd grade of elementary school
Cutest, smartest, loveliest, greatest person in my life! He's like my other half! I love him with all my heard and, although he can be really annoying sometimes, he's one of few greatest persons I have ever known. It's amazing how 9-year-old can be smart, good, lovely (and stubborn;))! He's great at English, Math and acting and he's in love with "Catoon Network" and his new PlayStation (what leaves comeputer to me... somtimes, taht is)!

My mother Dragana (Dear)
Born on 31st May of 1967.
Works as... what does she work anyway?
My ma is not only mother - she's my best friend! ! She can be silly, funny, freandly, active, energic but when she's angry, you better keep out! Livin' fire I tell ya! :)

My papa Dr Mario:)
Born on 7th April of 1963.
Works at chemistry universety.
My dad is great, he makes great jokes and he's really, really smart. He knows everything about computers, about history, about math, about physic... Well, about everything!. Although he's really real, he also likes fantasy and sience fiction books and movies.