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FullMENTAL Anya! xD (Oh well, like you didn't know that...)

2nd December 2007. - Sunday

Listening to - Vienna Teng - "My Medea" from CD "Warm Strangers"

What I'm thinking of - "Should I go to bed??? Naaaaah...."

My mood today...
Crazy! Wooooo!

It seems I update here one in month - sorry about that. I was caching up in my school work which, I can really tell you, wasn't easy in any way. Like, today I done calligraphy all day (as you know, I'm vary clumsy, so I need to start it 10 days earlier since it's most detailed subject I believe) and tomorrow morning, I need to learn history. Whole Antic Greece and whole Rome. Good thing is only it's something I like. What would happen if I had to learn Serbian history??? *starts screaming even on though about it*


Anyway, there are no big changes - I still don't have pet, I still don't have boyfriend, I still have same room as my bro and I am still alive (or dead - Eva understands this. :)). Only bigger new thing is that I bought new book ("All American Girl" by Meg Cabot - I was looking for it for YEARS!) and that I have new fave-thing:

"Fullmetal Alchemist" anime show.


Gosh, I adore it! :)


You know, except "Digimons" I never saw much of anime nor I was fan of it. But since Andrea learns Japanese, she's all about anime. So I remembered that long time ago I found anime "Fullmetal Alchemist" on internet so I decided to ask her about it. And her friend from new school had it!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay for Andrea's new school!!! :D


Of course, I took it. And Andrew and I watched. We practically didn't breathe while we saw all 51 episodes. And it was totally worth of it!!! That anime has wonderful story, great characters and some amazing scenes! It's totally unpredictable, totally emotional and totally COOL! Yeah, I probably sound like freak but, hey, I am freak! :P


Well, since I found on my computer vide maker (it's Windows Movie Maker and it's soooo bad, but what can I do? It's only thing I have right now :() and I found amazing Vienna Teng's songs, I mixed Vienna's song and FMA and I made video! It's about (one of) my favorite FMA character(s), Lust. I'm putting it here, but I have to warn you, if you wanna see FMA, it has BIG spoilers from some episodes, especially from 47th episode. If you don't give damn about spoilers (or if you saw FMA - in that case I wanna share thoughts ^_^), see video!!! lol! Oh, oh, also, on (HP forum I live on:P) I got 2400 points which means - custom tile! I'll choose my tile "Bellatrix's daughter" after my fave HP character! :D

Well, that would be all. Maybe, now I should go to bed... Maybe. Just maybe... But I don't think so. :) Andrew isn't here (he's on school trip) so it will be damn hard to fall a sleep. It's amazing how I got sued to that little annoying brat! Lol! :P 

Loly! xP

And for vary end, here's picture of my one of my others fave characters, Envy. He's my boyfriend! LOL xP (gosh, how big freak I am when I have crush on ANIMATED guy???:P) Andrea hates him because he's evil, psycho and without no feelings, but that's what makes him interesting! :P Note that on this picture he's phoning to ME! loly! XD


Best wishes and sweet kisses from,

Marlene! XxXxXxXxXxXx

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Nothing new on the west front...

31st October, 2007. - Wednesday

Listening to - Kate Bush - "Eat the music" from CD "The Read Shoes"

What I'm thinking of - "Bored..."

My mood today

I’m still at home and I’m still bored. How fun is that? Not vary much really. I missed field trip that is being held today. I’m terribly sleepy. My whole body hurt. I hate life.




I also have a million a things to study and I’m really not in study-mood this sick. I should go to doctor, but I don’t know when my mum will have time for me. So I’ll just sit home and wait and nerve myself since no one dives a damn about how sick I am. They just laugh at me and say “We can’t help you. Anyway, the work...” I feel like if I would jump for building they would after about week say “Where’s Anya? Oh, she’s probably in WC.” And that’s terrible felling, really.


My luck is that I have my friends to talk with, but I can’t bother them all the time (I mean, I can, but I’m not sure if they would like it). I talked to Tiff and Eva most of time, I talked to Dee yesterday (and she’ll come to see me today), I even talked with Melly N. (Tiff’s nickname for her – short for Melly Near) yesterday! Yes, she called me! She’s alive! We even taught of seeing each other since I forgot how she looks like! She just studies all the time and that’s not good for her...


I pass my time with writing. There’s some writing competition I read about in newspaper so I wrote a story yesterday. I opened my forum since I was so bored. I’m too bored even to watch movies! I read as well. I started now “The Exiles” from Hilary McKay, the same writer that wrote fascinating “Saffy’s Angel”. It reminds me little of “Little Women”, one of my fave books of all time (story of 4 poor sisters who live their life. Ruth would be Jo, Naomi would be Meg, Rachel would be Beth and Phoebe would be Amy probably. Phoebe is too small to put her in some group ;)).


And... That’s about it. Oh, BTW, anyone knew Maroon 5 got their new video out? Since I didn’t. And no one told me! It wasn’t on their site as well... I saw it today on VH1. Song is nothing special (their had MUCH better sings! I’m not vary pleased with this new album...), but video is good. Well, it better to me then “Wake up call” video. I didn’t like that one at all. I didn’t give my brother to see it – he’s way too young for all that...


Anyway, here’s Maroon 5’s new video “Won’t go home without you”. Enjoy in it and see y’all soon!


Best wishes and sweet kisses from,

Marlene! XxXxXxXxXxXx


P.S. Happy Halloween to all those lucky ones who celebrate it – I don’t. :( Sooooo... Happy Halloween!!!


Woha, I AM alive!

Date - 26th October, 2007. - Friday
Listening to - Maroon 5 - "Through with you" (and complete CD  "Songs about Jane")
What I'm thinking of - "My legs hurt"

My mood:

I definitely shouldn't be here. No. I should be in bed, looking in ceiling and bothering myself to dead. But I just can’t! I’ve been in bed for 2 ***** days and I really need to move.

Yeah, I am sick (by side being sick in head that is). That’s probably only reason why I have time to write. Since all my free time I spend in school. That’s not really free time, is it? :P

Anyway, I have bad cold. Really bad cold that’s on edge to become mononucleosis. Whoopee, how great. Not. That’s why I’m terribly depressed. That and the fact that Tose Proeski is dead. (But more about it soon on some other page probably)


School is quite good. It is really hard, but kids are great and teachers are okay and subjects are mostly fine. There are 22 of us in class – 15 restorers are fine arts and 7 of stylish costumiers (that’s me). We, us 7 girls, are studying to become costume designers (mostly). There are, by side me, Maria T.(I went to preparations with her. Nickname- Masha), Christine (she likes to be called Roxy since she’s all about rock’n’roll, punk, Janis Joplin and hippy-age. so cool!), Jovana/Joanna, Jelena/Helena V., Jelena/Helena C.(yep, two of them. I’ll think how I’ll talk about each of them:)), Ivona/Ivonne and, well... Me! :P Restorers are Tina (Katarina/Catherine, but she likes to be called Tina), Suzy (Suzana/Susanna:)), Barbie (her name is Barbara, but I just can not not call her Barbie;P), Irene, Nevena (I’ll probably call her something like Nelly here. Her name, by the way, means “marigold” on Serbian), Natasha, Petra, Maria B. (to be called Maya, Maia or May), Zoja/Zoia, Marko/Mark (there are boys, by the way ;)), Jovan/John, Andrija/Andrew, Zeljko/Jackie, Djordje/Geroge and Aleksandar/Alexander (Serbian name is first, other one is English version which I’ll use here :)). We have 7 classes everyday, we have 19 subject in total (History, Theory of Form*, Serbian, Physics, English, Computers, some thing like “civil education” (I could chouse between this and religion by the way), Geography, Math, Chemistry, History of Art, Calligraphy (writing in vary strange way???)*, Carving*, Biology, Drawing and Painting*, P.E., Music, Practical* work and Technique and Material* (subject with star* by side them are art subject :)). So, that’s basically a little about it. I’ll probably try to keep in touch with you since now. But I won’t promise anything since I’m big liar. ;)


Oh, and BTW, since now I’ll write myself as Marlene on here. Why? Since one vary great girl and great friend of mine, Jean, told me I remind her on Marlene Dietrich. And Marlene, she’s like my idol. So I’m working on making every living person to call me Marlene (there are not great results, but, hay, I try! :))


Best wishes,

Marlene! XxXxXxXxX

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