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 7th of July, 2007. - Saturday
This is just little nnote! 
Listening to:
"Makes me wonder" - Maroon 5

Sorry 'cause I haven't written in long, long time. I'll try to write more now. Just to say, I got into school I wanted, TehnoArt, something like dresing school. Also, I'm tierd now, so there's no way you're gonna make me write more... :D
P.S. I found (and bought) Marlene Dietrich's movie "Der Blaue Engel" (The Blue Angel) and I MUST watch it this days! Reviews comming soon!

5th of May, 2007. - Saturday
Two (fools) for the Road 
Listening to:
"Nowhere fast" - Fire Inc. from movie "Fire streets"
(I didn't saw movie, I just adore song)

My mood today...


Holla mi amigos! I hope everybody are doing fine! So, class pictures are here (I look fine, I think. And so does David think) so I’ll post them when/if I have time in photo album.


So, I worked on site a little bit as you can see. This back color is my try of making my site in Virgin Blue color (well, Dee will agree that its better then making it red and black. Trust me dearest, I have nerve to do that also!). For those who don’t know my obsession with Tracy Chevalier, all I’ll say is that its color mentioned in her book “The Virgin Blue”, which left BIG impression on me. Since I read that book, Virgin Blue is my favorite color – it’s like dream to! So magical and beautiful! I adore it...


Also, don’t forget to see My (Addams) family and best friends’ page for little about Eva, and some things added for Tiff, Dee and Melly. Wow, I should really work on this site more often... But this month, you are happy when you see me alive! I go on 3 places 4 times in week for drawing and painting, I go on math and chemistry classes, I need to see around for prom dress and on top of that all, I have all those things in school. St Mary Pickford, you really do hate me! But, I should see that even after that last Saturday...


But let’s start from begging...

Beginning is that there was some show in Chachak, one town in our country, for celebrating something Russian or something like that. Only some of us went, between them Eva and me. But don’t let everything fool you – it’s not ‘because we know Russian. Not at all – since in that case I would NEVER go... It’s because Eva singed in choir and I painted cosmos for some competition and made some “aureoles” from flowers. Impressive....


(Trust me, making those aureoles IS impressive since I done it till 1am, along with help of my father to cut bows which made Russian and Serbian flags from three colors: blue, red and white)


When we got on station, we found out that bus is not working (well, only MY school can do that...). Imagine – bus stopped working before it started working! How wonderful! ‘Cause of that, we didn’t go in 8am, but in 9:30am... Although, THEY went... Since Eva and I were in shop. Can you imagine that – two fools, Eva and I, are coming back from shop; suddenly, we find out that bus is there and that it’s starting to go. And we run, but we didn’t make it to go in it.


Don’t worry. That’s not the end.


(Although it could be)


I then called my friend, Lucas, on mobile phone. I also talked with Russian teacher, so they came back to get us. Should we laugh or should we cry? I don’t know it either... Can you imagine how embarrassing was it to go through all those kids in bus who are dying from laughing? On our luck, our (maybe sometimes neurotic) Russian teacher didn’t yell on us.




She just said “What do you two have in your heads?”


“Sometimes I ask my self that question also, Mrs....”


Nah, I didn’t say that. But I should.... Since it’s true!

Anyway, we FINALLY started driving. I putted earphones and listened to music all the time. Or I read (Agatha Christie, “Murder on the Orient-Express”, fantastic book, you should read it), of cores... Since we were late, we didn’t saw all things we planed, but we went to see one monastery. It’s the one we also saw when we were on excursion, but it doesn’t matter. It’s small, beautiful monastery. After all, I’ll post pictures. I had to take them ‘cause of Dee. You want to know why? No, she’s not really believer in God or something like that it’s ‘cause... Let’s stay on that that I have pictures and leave that story for some other time, shell we? After all, I need to be sure if I scared you with all that “I Magda, you Eva” story, and if you didn’t get scared, then we’ll talk Ok?




Now, let’s go back in our monastery...


We didn’t go in, we didn’t light candles since there was some wedding or something like that, but nun told us some stories. I listened to her, although, I need to confess, I wanted to laugh few time. No, it’s not ‘because I don’t respect her (I do respect old people, even much more then some of my class-mates do!  I have been brought up to respect people and I do that!) It’s just... Well, she mentions Eva... Of cores, she mentioned Eva as first woman, as man’s best friend. But Eva (mine Eva, that is) and I looked at each other and we wanted to die laughing. I somehow stopped my self and Eva turned that to coughing. There were some other stories, but they are in same group as monastery story, so let’s don’t mention them...


On gate, we saw bride who was about to get in. She had beautiful dress, all fluffy and white! Eva took picture of her, but she also, smart as she is, deleted it (accidentally) as well as all other pictures (accidentally). We went back to bus and we were on way back to town where we should go. Oh, we also saw there some museum of history or something like that. I saw beautiful jewelry there.


Will I ever think of something else then jewelry and sparkling things? No... Why should I??? :)

It was about 15pm when we went to that town and it was sunny. Choir, Russian teacher and I needed to try how will that all look. Why I? Because I should help them to get ready. How lucky I am! (NOT!). When I think I want to become fashion designer and that I’ll go through that with every exhibition... Terrible, terrible...Other kids had free time then...


While waiting for our turn to try it all, we set on places for audience. There was one guy how was little cute, so we took pictures of him (on Eva’s camera, so now I don’t have those pictures), but after that I get that he isn’t so cute after all and it was all over. While sitting there, I looked around and said “There’s Stalin?” Eva looked me weirdly and asked “What?” I laughed “Stalin! Russian teacher!” Considering all “I Magda, you Eva” thing and that Eva don’t like Russian teacher much, she started laughing. And Russian teacher stayed Stalin after SSSR leader in WWII... But Eva got so much into that, that later, when we were with other girls from choirs she accidentally asked “Where’s Stalin? Oops!” Other girls, normally, not knowing for all our sick-braining (if you get my point), looked shocked, and us two started laughing like idiots with Teletubby brain (what we actually are).


Well, what can I say except I liked show really much... Our girls sang well and I can say there were some great shows! There were many schools, many songs, and many plays. I can say I liked most guests from music school (there was girl like who sang like Opera singer!), guests from school which had about 10 plays and 50 songs (I was jealous ‘because they were better then us, but I can’t help my self, but like them...) and, of cores, our girls... After show there was some choir that sand “Podmoskovski Veceram”, my fave Russian song and I was really enjoying it! Then we went to some hall on little snack. There were many beautiful things (plant from 5m was also beautiful – not for eating of cores!), but I liked most cookies from cinnamon. I needed to bring 2 of them home ‘cause my mum ADORES cinnamon!


I guess now I started adoring it as well...


When we were about to go (“You two first” said Stalin to Eva and I “I don’t want to lose you again!”), one women (totally un-known to me!), asked me “Where are you going?”


“Home...” I answered smiling, trying to hurry up so Stalin wouldn’t kill us.


“Where?” she was quite stubborn


“To Belgrade...” I answered.


“Stay there!” she nearly jumped and lost from my sight on few seconds. I guess she saw me eating thons and tons of those cookies, so she brought me about 10 of them in paper. “There, bring that home!”


Wow! What could I say? I smiled most widely, said thanks and left, still smiling. I danced all way to bus “I have cinnamon cookies! I have cinnamon cookies!”, while Eva rolled her eyes.

After few things, like Biology’s teachers’ comment “Where are Anya and Diana?” (Wonder why... :P), we came from town on way to Belgrade. Eva was nice (???) and she let me sit to window. I was happy and I though everything will go well. But noooooo....


They started playing stupid, stupid music...


And stupid, stupid boys started singing....


And then they turned volume to max....


Music was so awful and loud that I couldn’t hear a word from Norah Jones’ singing on my earphones! I wanted to go crazy! And then Eva, evil as she is, started singing on my ear as well... I tried to sleep. I did sleep for an hour or so. I can’t remember, since I was tired and everything is quite hazy now. I remember we came late and that I just fall in bed. But all in all it was beautiful.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for me to see Roman’s bathrooms, so I need to make my parents to go there again. I liked that town and it was all great! Yes, even Eva’s and mine lating for bus...


After all, if we didn’t got late on that bus, would this all be so interesting???



and Chocolate
from your "alwyas late" friend
P.S. Sorry 'cause no pictures, I was too lazy to put them... :D

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21st April, 2007. - Saturday
My boring ways of thinging...
Listening to:
Norah Jones, "Rosie's Lullaby"

My mood today...

I really should write about new things in my life, shouldn’t I? Well, that is hard since they are not many new things in my life. Well, not any normal things, at last... Ok, I’ll try!


If you are Dee or Tiff (or someone else who read last post from 6th April), no Eva and I didn’t stopped with our “being crazy” plan – and we don’t mean to in long time. Well, people will find that sick (probably ‘because that IS sick), but we’re just joking... And that all... Fin!


I started writing my book yesterday – 2 chapters are already finished! I have some ideas for it and time is beautiful outside, it gives me inspiration! Sounds crazy? Probably... But it’s true! I just adore spring! I think that’s my favorite time of year! It’s not so hot, but it’s sunny. And there are green places and shadows everywhere; it’s so peaceful, but beautiful and happy. Just magical! It always gives me inspiration, ideas and many, many happy thoughts!

Yesterday we had picture day in school. I dressed up as gypsy, to be honest, and I liked it. I have new red dress which I bought so I have reason to buy red, sparkling shoes which look quite much as those Dorothy had in ‘Wizard from Oz”. Although Eva hates them, they have connection with old movies, and I, normally, need to get them. I also bought one beautiful, cream shirt which I saw when I was buying Leni Riefenstahl’s memoirs, so i called it ‘Leni shirt”. When we get pictures, I’ll send them. We all made about 300 pictures – it’s great memory! We had even two pictures with whole generation and I can’t wait to send them! I hope I’m not looking like idiot on all of them...


There is picture of Tiff, Joanne from our class and me, there’s one with Eva and me, one with Tiff, Melly, Eva and me, one with whole class... Many of them! When we were out, our homeroom teacher, Geography teacher, was talking with us and she, again, wanted to make me believe I’ll have good time on prom. Problem? I still feel as I’m gonna have worst time, EVER! Music will be awful for me, no one will dance with me, I’m gonna stand alone again, and I’m in all that gonna be sad ‘cause I’m going from school and leaving everybody. It’s terrible, isn’t it? I just don’t fit in and there I’m gonna feel it most. That’s why I don’t want to go. Only thing why I want to go is ‘cause of my friends, ‘cause I’ll have reason to ear beautiful dress and to say that I was there. And that’s all.

My dear, dear dress.... that's not mine...

"Virgin Blue" that I adore!!!

About dress for prom – I maybe found one, but let it be surprise. I think it’ll be short, tight dress, but I’m not sure yet. I know that it’s probably won’t be black, since everybody are gonna have black dresses. I want something as dark red, dark green, dark purple or “virgin blue’ from Tracy Chevalier’s novel with same name. Translation: deep, deep and beautiful blue. My favorite color. I wanted Scarlett O’Hara’s dress which she had on begging of movie, but mum just laughed (that’s why I’m gonna take that as wedding-dress one day). Then I wanted Charleston dress, but I’m afraid that I won’t find it anywhere. And, after all, mama doesn’t give me to have hair as they did when they wear it in silent movies. Again, she says they will laugh at me. I have because I’m part of 21st centaury! Why I simply couldn’t be born in 20th centaury as some great movie actress so I can wear all those beautiful, beautiful dresses and costumes! I would adore that I could wear Greta Garbo’s dress in ‘Camille’, Vivien Leigh’s in “Gone with the wind”, Jean Harlow’s in ‘Dinner at Eight” or Rita Hayworth in “Gilda”. But noooooo! Some idiots putted me just 60 years after my time... How depressing....


Now, it’s time for studding. I have test from math in Monday – I wanna go crazy. I know I know everything, but I always miss some plus or minus. Stupid math – I could live better without it... Did Greta Garbo learn math???


Now, that’s interesting question


and Chocolate
from your "I-wanna-be-Greta!" friend

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