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Sometimes, my family and I are little crazy. This are the evidences... ^^;

Uh, we are all crazy sometimes... Aren't we???

Well, grandma told me to make bed... And when I came, I was lazy and so I started playing with Andrew. I lie down and started singing and since I have REALLY bad voice, he started trowing stuffed things on me. Then he started getting pillows and blankets on me and it all finished when, like, all room was on me. I REALLY needed to breed, so I just set down and my brother took picture of me in that moment... And here's what came out...

Well, now, guess who idot on picture is...

Well, now brother started to act like idiot so I took picture of HIM! Ha, ha, ha! Revenge is sweet!


You know, my mum NEVER cooks. So, when she started cooking on New Year day, it took on smile on everybody's face in my family. I just NEEDED to take picture of her by cooker! I have version in color, but I like sepia one better.


Walkingt like Egyptian to my favorite song by Bangles (which name is, OH SUPRISE, "Walk like Egyptian")! Or better say, WALKING LIKE IDIOT!

It almost looks like we love each other...

Hehe, it seems I wasn't my self that day... I mean, I'm HUGGING Andrew! LOL! Just kidding, I love him... sometimes... Khm...