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On this page you'll be able to see what are mine favorite movies. Hope you'll get idea what will you watch next!  ^^;
Don't forget to come back soon to see if some changes are made!

1 -Gone With the Wind (Vivien Leigh, Clark, Gable, Oliva de Havilland) - 1939.
Story: Great and complicated story about war in America and southen Belle Scarlett O'Hara, her life and loves.
Why shoul you watch it?: Great, great acting and really good adaption of book! I think no one else could make Scarlett, Rhett and other characters as this actors did!
Fave Charcater: Rhett Butlett (how predictable..)
Mark: 10/10
2 - All about Eve (Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders) - 1950.
Srtory: Margot Channing is actress in middle ages who is slowly getting off her throne of popularity. And then, Eve comes in...
Why should you watch it?: Bette Davis do great job in this one! It's really belivable story! I couldn't belive what hapens on end, but I needed to. Great movie, watch it if you have chanse!!!
Fave Charcter: Margot Channing (althoug everybody says she's witch, I adore how Bette showed her!)
Mark: 10/10
3 - Snows of Killimanjaro (Ava Gardner, Gregory Peck) - 1952.
Srtory: Classic Ernest Hemingway story about love, drama and tragedy.
Why should you watch it?: Because it'll break you heart at two, because it's great movie and because it's Ernest Hemingway!
Fave Charcter: Dear Cyntia Green
Mark: 10/10
4 - Dead Poets Society (Robyn Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke, Gale Hansen) - 1989.
Srtory: Story gets up back in 1950's at all-boys-high-school. There new teacher comes, but is his teaching too good for that school?
Why should you watch it?: Drama and comedy. For lauging and crying. For freeing your mind and putting you into thinking. Beautiful movie!
Fave Charcter: Charlie, Neil, Mr. Keating, Todd
Mark: 10/10

5 - Breakfast at Tiffany's (Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard) - 1961.
Srtory: Silly, but also lonely, Holly meets Paul, writer, and while they friendship becomes love tehy learn that thair lives are neather happy nor sucesfull. That's why they are made for eath other.
Why should you watch it?: Although people might tell you it's silly and funny mivie, it';s actually deep and great story about tow people who need to find theirselves. I think I could watch it everyday and I hope you'll get that feeling too if you see it!
Fave Charcter: Cat (!?) and Holly proabbably
Mark: 10/10

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