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Eva and Magda strikes again with their sick minds...

6th of April, 2007. - Friday
Listnening to...
Kate Bush - "Hounds of love" CD; song "Jig of Life"

My mood today...

Ladies and gentlnen, my dear friend, Eva Braun!

So, I am worst diary writer on world... I admit! But I was really busy all this time. I mean, REALLY busy! Like “I don’t have time to breath” busy. In that kind. Get anything? Of cores not...


Well, for this all-time-busy-time I was getting more and more crazy. First of all say goodbye to name Diana – from now on, when I wanna talk ‘bout my friend who was known to you as Dianna (Daria on Serbian), I will write “Eva”. Why? Quite long story. And quite crazy story.


But before I start talking it, I need to warm you – I am NOT really sick. I just pretend (yes, Dee, darling, I’m NOT racist!...). So, if you think you can start to hate me ‘cause this story, better not read and accept name Eva without any further explanation. Please.


It was I-can’t-remember date, but anyway, it was birthday of Dee’s brother. That’s why Melly, Eva and I went to her – on cake! No, not really... But we went there. And we really had wonderful time. I mean REALLY wonderful time, and REALLY wonderful cake. And then there was time we had to come back. In bus, Eva was quite torturing Melly and me (mostly me), and that continued when we stopped on corner to talk. She was scaring me (no, not really...), so in moment I started laughing “Gosh, Dianna! You are real Eva Braun!”. She had no idea who Eva Braun is but me, smart one, who read that in news article “History of lovers”. “That was Hitler’s mistress!” I smiled. For few moments she was still. And then she started killing me ‘cause, Oh, what a surprise!, she doesn’t like Hitler (well, how does!?!?!?)! I survived. Dunno how, but I did.


But, that didn’t learn me anything. I continued calling Eva Eva (???) and she continued with killing me. Then one day, she paid me too – she called me Rachele, like Rachele Mussolini, Benito Mussolini’s wife. You can just image how much that got on my nerves...


Thanks to St. Mary Pickford, we (Tiff, Dee, Melly, Eva and I), went to city one day and we were in our “Totally-Crazy” mood. So we fooled around. Tiff needed to finish something, but Dee and Melly needed to go home. So Eva, Tiff and I stayed and we started to make jokes and full around. Funniest was when Tiff wanted to ask were is that place were she needed to go and she was thinking to herself “I need to ask someone where should I go. There MUST be someone cute around here!”. When we were on our way home I started begging Eva to change my character (by that time she got quite used to Eva). And she did! We decided that I should be Magda Goebbels, wife of Nazi’s minister of propaganda (or whatever!), Joseph Goebbels, who was quite crazy since she, after Hitler’s suicide, committed suicide with her husband. But only after she killed their 6 (beautiful, charming, cute) children, that is. Sick. Really sick.


Of cores, that was (and still is) just game. But Dee started to worry for our mental health so we started to kid her even more, talking more and more about Hitler, calling each other “Magda” and “Eva”, arguing about who does Hitler love more (interesting topic, considering that that idiot is death for JUST 62 years... Really nothing!...) and starting separating people on Nazis and Jews. It would be quite sick if we would be serious. On your, our and everybody’s luck, we are just playing. Too bad Dee doesn’t understand that. Poor, poor Dee! We even called her Svetlana after Stalin’s daughter... I think she want to kill us now...

Found picture of intrnet! Isn't this beutiful????

But, except our crazy (not real), mania, not much is changing here. I started listening to Kate Bush, wonderful singer with wonderful voice! I also started reading 5th Tracy Chevalier’s book ‘Burning Bright” that is wonderful so far! I got Skye Sweetnam’s , Renee Olstaed’s, Jerry Lee Lewis’, Norah Jones’ and newest Kate Bush’s CD. I swear I have no idea who I like more! All CDs are great! My dad also brought me “Rome” series and I have planned to watch it soon with my friends (MAX! MAX! MAX! Ok, I’ll stop now)! I went on opera “Carmen” (and I cried) and ballet “Giselle” (wonderful! need to see “Swan Lake” SOON!). I stopped being in love with that guy in which I was in love, but now there are 2 others! Fantastic Anya, really fantastic! And of cores, Max and Clark Gable are still in the game! And last (but actually most important) I got VHS “Titanic” from my dear, dear, dear, dear, dear friend Gina (to whom I acted as biggest moron on world since I haven’t answered to her mail for 10000 years... I was busy, but it’s so bad from me that I would rather be dead then that it happens again!)! Packaged is WONDERFUL and if only my mobile phone wasn’t broken I would picture it and send it. Really, most beautiful edition of any movie I ever saw!!! Thanks Gina for it so much! Thanks dad for “Rome” and Tracy! Thanks mom for all those CDs! Thanks Judy for opera and ballet! And thanks Dee, Melly and Tiff for not killing me and Eva! But, no, we will not stop to kid around and greet you with “Heil Hitler!” (One problem with that greeting – guy is dead! And burned! He’s burned for few times! How can he “hail” (live, be happy, be fine)???)


Movie I watched for this time (which I can remember):

All that jazz 8/10

Pet Semetery 7/10

Sounds of Music 10/10


Planning to watch:

Rome; West side of story; Dead Poets Society (again), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (again!); Meet me in St. Louis; Jezebel; Red Dust, Mata Hari and list goes on...


Books I read for this time (which I can remember):

Weedflower 8.5/10

Lady of the Camellias, 8.5/10

Don’t forget me! 8/10

My name is evil 7/10

Suprise party 8/10

Step-sister 8.25/10

Lydia Cassatt reading morning paper 9/10

Kira-Kira 10/10


Now reading:

Emilija Leta 4/10 so far

Burning Bright 9.9/10 so far

Leni Riefenstahl – Memories 8/10 so far

and Chcolate
from your friend "I'm not really Nazi!"

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Long, long, long, long post... NOT!

8th of February, 2007. - Thursday
Listnening to...
Norah Jones, my new fave-singer

My mood today is...

So, I'm lazy. And I was lazy. And I'll always be lazy. But, understand me. Now it's end of school, I have fuss the get into high school which I want, I have fuss with book (I WROTE IT!!! YEY!) and I have other life fusses, like with friends, family and (normally) love. But not love for Max Pirkis (although I still think he's cute as hell!) or love for Clark Gable (although I still think he's charming as hell!), but love, like "in-love" or "school-love" or "la-la-la, I'm-teenage-love". Get it? If not, never mind... I wish I could talk more about it, but I have to keep my mouth shut in case HE or someone else comes here. After all, if you need to know (aka, if you are Melly, Dee, Dianna, Tiff, Gina or someone like that), you'll know. If not - you won't know. Vary simple and vary clear.
Anyway, some things did changed in my life. Like, I was on "excursion" with brother and 3 girls from his class (let's call them Brianna, Angelina and Wendy) and I decided even more that I want to have 4 or 5 children. Then, I fell in love with Norah Jones' music. I'm hardly preparing for English competition and I have more fate then ever that I'll pass in dressing school I want. Also, as I told you, I wrote book and now I'm waiting to see if there's hope that it'll get published. It has about 300 pages and I'm vary, vary pleased how it is written if I can say so myself. And last, but not least, I GOT "KIRA-KIRA" TODAY!!! So, guess what I'll start to read just after I get from English...
Wait the moment, I won't read it... I'll read biology 'cause I'm stupid full who didn't learn what she had to learn on time. Bravo, Anya! * Anya's dictionary - Please jump from bridge Anya...*

Anyway, it's late now. I have to go. Well, I though I'll make long post, but by happy that I even had time to breath. Oh, you'll probably ask why should YOU be happy because I bread. That's because if I wouldn't breath I wouldn't live. And I don't think people as Theda Bara (aka dead people) post on their on-line diaries. I might be wroong, but who cares? Ok, except you guy in last line. No one! Not even I! Ha!
So, see you soon (if I don't die tomorrow - math AND biology tests...) and I hope I'll make longer posts! Adious for now!
and Chcolate
from your friend "I'm-late-,-I'm-late-!"

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Dream a little dream of me...

11th of January, 2007. - Sunday
Listnening to...
Oh, surise! Renee Olstead...

My mood today...

Sleeping Beauty... Yeah, Right! Sleeping - yes, Beauty -NOT! (P.S. Ignore Barbie tiara please!)

It's funny what stupid things I dream. I still remember when I was about 5 when I dreamed boy without legs. That's probably most scary dream I ever dreamed. I also dreamed once that my ma died and I nearly cried when I woke up. What usually happens to me is that I don't remember my dream . But not last night! I believe I'll remember that dream ALWAYS!
It all started when we ere in Paris - town of my dreams for which I would give my head (if I have it) to see it. We (my school) was at some kind of excursion there and so we were walking down some older street. I remember that it's my crush's b-day and that my ma told me to get in cosmetic school we have in Belgrade named "Jasmin" and buy something from company Pupa. So, I got in "Jasmin" and figured out that Pupa actually sells make-up and that it would be stupid to buy my crush make-up. Vary stupid! So I just looked for some perfume. But I didn't buy it, I just got out. There was line of my friend there and, yes, my crush. My friend Luke was coming and since he's always trying to figure out who my crush is, I told him that he's there, after him. He looked behind him and he did saw mt crush, but I'll never get did he figured out that my crush is my crush since I already went away.
Next thing I remember that my friends Judy, Melly and someone other that I don't remember was it Tiff, Dianna or Dee, were climbing on many stares in some pink-peach color hotel. That hotel was really, really huge since there were students from all Europe in it. We climbed on 4th floor and found our room in corner. It was big room with pink walls and one big, big window through which we saw most of Paris. I was in room with Melly, Judy and that third friend and we were about to make PJ party when I got out that I didn't have pyjama. So Judy gave me one ugly pyjama with Tarzans I think. And I looked funny. Really funny.
There was already mess in our room, and I went to window. Ah, beautiful, beautiful Paris - it was all in lights. I took look on one famous building in Paris which was all in light, but I can't remember which one is it. Maybe that gate... Dunno... I figured out that you can see all famous things in Paris except Eiffel's tower. I told my friends that we must wake next morning and go to see something in Paris and I was vary, vary happy. Then, in moment, I had Judy's glasses on eyes and since building was tall, my head started hurting. It hurts so bad and I wasn't feeling well at all. I fell on floor, started crying, when Judy took glasses off me. Thanks God! 
She walked happily pout of room and I followed her, still crying on spoilt way only I can. She went somewhere for moment and I set on same table (don't remember what was it clearly) in from of some room in which was boy. A blond boy which I didn't knew. Judy got out of room, took me for head and pulled me in that room telling 'You must meet someone". And I knew what was she talking about. I knew why did I came to Paris. I knew that he was from England.
Guess who!
In room there were 3 boys - blond one I saw, one I don't remember and... well, guess who. There were also 2 women, one I didn't knew and one that was my grandma, but only in dream. It's not my real grandma. In fact, now that I remember it, it was actually grandma from main character from my book, Amy, but she was mine grandma in book. OK, I'll stop. So I looked around and there, on bed, was...Max! Woo! I came near and said hello. How stupid is that since he don't even know me? His voice sounded A LOT different then in clips I saw, but still, it's Max! And I'm meeting him! I told him that I like his acting (although I never saw it, I had to lie I guess), on Serbian,. Dumb! He obviously didn't knew what to say so he mumbled something like 'Thanks". I told him something more, which I don't remember, and then I, as last idiot, asked him if he knows how can I find "Rome" in Serbia. He told he'll look for it and... then nothing. I got in hall and head music. It was music from radio.
It was one "Walk like Egyptian" from The Bangles!
Yey! Melly came and Judy too so we started to dance and dance to one of greatest songs of all time. In next moment, I head Melly yelling "And what should I do whit hands?" and I, like last idiot laughed telling her "Walk like Egyptian!".
And then I woke up.

Andrew or grandpa Simpson???
And how about sleeping beast? Ooops, wrong fairy tale!

I tryed and tryed to dream that dream again last night. Nothing happened. I dreamed that my family and I were on vacation in Greece. Ok, it wasn't BAD vacation like one we had last year on Corfu. It was just... blah... To boring! I didn't liked it. I hope it don't mean that this year we won't ahev bad vacation also. But I know why it wa sbad! We didn't ranted a car! Since my ma knows to drive, but we don't ahve car, last 2 years when we are on vacation we rant a car and ride around. And it's great. Last year, it was only thing (beside tours on island) that I liked. My ma drives good and we lisned to "Vaya Con Dios" (on my bro's horror) and it was fantalistick (if you get what I mean).
Yesterday, we went to Dee little and it was fantastic. I wrote vary, vary good chapter I must say. Although I know she'll probably won't see it, here Melly, it's Julia's chapter. Too bad you don't know histpry and don't know who Julia is. Never mind. I'll tell you all about her (and annoy you till the dead...)! Today, we go to Melly's place to play Poker. Haha, it's funny! We play Poker! Hahaha! Still need to fiond little money though... to lose it. But you know, last time I played Poker, I would win if only Tiff wasn't so stuborn... :( This time, I'll kick her a... butt (I don't curse! Not all the time, at last. Even if I say curse, I apology. I'm good girl... HAHA!)... Which me luck! LOL!
and Chcolate
from "I had too much filed buscit with hazelnut cream" Anya!

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Why were Romans crazy people???

7th of January, 2007. - Sunday
Listnening to...
Playlist on my computer 'cause my brother don't give me to play "Vaya Con Dios". Now it's playing Brian Adams "Everything I do, I do it for you"

My mood today is...

Yes, this is my brother in that moment... Khm....

Ugh, I don't see what my brother has against me... I really don't! I mean, I listen to "Vaya Con Dios" and he don't like it. I listen to Renee Olstead and he don't like it. I like Clark Gable and old movies, he don't. Everything I like, he don't like. It's like he's doing that for malice! He even blows off candles I light! Is that with all brothers or it's just my idiotic brother??? Here, now I played "Vaya Con Dios" and he cry that his head hurts!!! He's way to spoilt! Now he act and says "Everything becomes black! Goodbye world!" Ah, now he's "dead"... Now he isn't... He pretend to be zombie... And he plays with door of ma and pa commode... Ugh, he goes on my nerves!
I really can't stand why is he like that! I mean it would be much easier if we would just get along and if we would find something we both like... Yeah, it might be just another hippy-faze of mine, but I can't help it... "Hair" did it! No me! Honestly, wouldn't it be easier if people would actually TALK? God gave us mouth for talking... And people don't use it... OK, I think I'll stop now with my philosophy...

Anyway, nothing smart happened today... I woke up... I had breakfast... I went on internet... I read... I wrote... I went on lunch with parents... I came back... And so on.. As I told ya... Nothing smart...
You know, I got so angry reading book this morning! Stupid Romans! Did they actually head of word feminism!? Or women's right? Well, it seems not! Can you believe there was law that told if married women had lover, her husband needed to kill her!? Terrible! And men? Could they have lovers? Of cores they could! It's normal to them! Gosh, how can they???
But thing that got me terrified more was that in that same law, it tells that women or man can't marry actor or actress! I don't see the point! I mean, HELLO! Can you believe it!? Can you just imagine what would happen if those law were still on today? Well, I guess Elizabeth Taylor wouldn't have about 6 mariages in her history...
Anyway, more about book, less about feminism and stupid laws. I think book is greatly written - wonderful words, wonderful style and all. But why do all writers thinks that main characters are Gods and that they don't have falls and bad sides? My main characters have bad side (do I sound all about my self or I sound all about my self here???). It's all for people! After all, perfect people are just boring... Can you imagine someone who don't have any falls??? Book is historical and it just needs to have some things in it that happened in history. If you are writing book about Augustus, don't make him better then he was in history and don't just forget or delete bad things he done. I don't say he's bad, I'm just saying he did force his 3rd wife to divorce her husband and marry him, he did want to take Cleopatra to his triumph, he did ordered dead of her son and he did send his own daughter on island with 2km around her just 'cause she had lover(this last is one of main resons why I became a-la-femisnist). It is hard to rule land and so he also had falls and up in his politic. You can't just delete it all in book... Why is this writer doing that? It's like when I read Kleopatra, Karen Essex obviously done all to show Cleopatra as carrying, good women, but she showed her as a little dumb and not so smart as she was in history. Maybe writers sometimes miss point... Oh well...I'll live with it...
Anyway, I can't believe, but I wrote today! Yay for me! It's huge thing since I didn't done anything for long time... Too bad, I would like to finish book soon. Not that I don't like to write - Good havens, not that! - I will just be happy that I done something in my life.. LOL! Crazy it is, but now... Writers will understand me... :)
Also, I found out that there wasn't pier in Rome. I have to rewrite that. And I finally have to make Octavian short as it's in history and not tall as I wrote... Grrr, I hate when I make mistakes...

Oh, now I need to go so I'll write more tomorrow! Also, thanks Gina for helping me with those words! :D I would die without you honey! So, au revoir! ;)
Thanks to Gina for comments!
and Chocolate
from your friend Anya!

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It seems that I like Blondies, and I'm not talking about band here...

7th of January, 2007. - Sunday
Listnening to...
Playlist on my comp, right now it's playing "New York, New York" by Liza Minnelli.

My mood today is...

Ok, I'm going crazy... am I?

It's 14pm and I'm still in my pyjama... Well, that is not so strange if you take a fact that I woke up a half an hour ago... And what was I doing till I set on computer? I read! Yes, I READ! To all you who don't know me, I'm fanatic... To all you who know me... Well, I guess I'm still fanatic... But how can I help it? I got "I, Claudius" from  Christmas!!!! Weeee! I needed to see how is it written! Although then I started to read it actually and then it took me too much to get me away from book since I said to my self I'll read it when I go on Zlatibor moutain next week with my brother...
Anyway, I also got "Teacher's pet", "Dinner at Eight" and "Wizard from Oz" DVDs as well as book about Rembrant. I read once 100%-fictional book about him (although nothing from that ever happened to him), "Painter", and I liked it. Must be that they got me it 'cause that. Well, nearly all my wish list is now fulfilled except "Lady of the Camellias" which I saw in town and I'll buy it, "I, Claudius" mini-series (which is AWUFULY hard to find in this country...) and old-movies DVDs. Oh, and also "Poltergeist" and "Dead Poets Society". But I have "Poltergeist" on tape and I'll put it on DVD and I'll take "Dead Poets Society" from my English teacher who has it. I simply MUST have that movie, I'll go crazy if I don't see it again soon! Oh, wait the moment, I'm already crazy... Oh, well... Nobody is perfect...

Uh, I'm becoming boring, but I just can't help it...

We went to grandma's place yesterday (at my yellow grandma's place that is. Well, ma's ma is yellow grandma and pa's ma is white grandma 'cause color of their hair. Thank Tiff for this confusing (but incredibly fun and crazy) names!). We ate lunch there and it was really, really good. Them ma and pa took nap and I and Andrew, OH SUPRISE, took each other's eyes out (read: we argued). After it, we went to church. There was burning yule-log and it was really greatly looking! A church music was on and there were lots of people. This idiot and this idiot's brother (me and Andrew, LOL) are afraid of fire, so we didn't got anything in fire to burn. Well, what can I do when my ma was paranoid when I was young? Anyway, we lighted candles. It's so hot in that room were we lighted them. There must have been about 1000 candles!
You know, I'm not so religious, but I though, is it sin to have your eyes on some guy in church? I hope not, since I found that guy who sell candles really, but I mean really, cute! Uf, yeah, see what I;m thing about on Christmas Eve! Terrible! I must be awful... But what can I do when that guy was blond!? And I definitely fall on blonds... You see, Max is blond. And my crush is blond. OK, my other crush isn't blond, but everyone I like (from guys) are blond mostly. And there is guy who I find cute (NO, I'm NOT in love with him!) who - guess what!- BLOND!
Why am I such idiot???
Two nights ago what I was watching "Hair" with my ma, I told her this fact. She smiled and said "I liked blonds too". Wow! It must be in or family then...
When we're about love, I dreamed my crush last night. Isn't that cute? Well, I dreamed him, i dreamed I'm getting "I, Claudius" books (whoa, I'm seer??? LOL!), I dreamed we're on English class and that my teacher since me there's movie with Mary Pickford in all cinemas around (since basically EVERYONE knows I ADORE old movies...). I was like "Awwww, why I didn't saw it!?" and he laughed on the way only he can and said something like "loser". OK, I know you think I'm idiot if I like him, but when he talked to me, I know he isn't all that serious. And, after all, he's like that to everyone. It's like when boy pulls girls hair and then she kicks him - you know they love each other! Got anything? Of cores you didn't!

I would write more and more now, but I think this si enaugh. Now I'm off for breakfast (mmmmm, candies! LOL!), to call my friends, watch movies, tide room, and...well, and read. I'm now reading "Augustus" which I got from my friends (I love ya guys! ^_^) and it's wonderfuly writen. Unfortanatly, it ahs some falls and much ups, but I'll write tomorrow about that one, or in some other section. Look around, it might show up. Of cores, I'll say it on "News" part on main page...
Oh, and if anybody knows how you say "goodbye" on italian and french, please post! Thanks alredy! ^_^
and Chcolate
from your friend Anya!

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Happy New Year and Max's birthday!

6th of January, 2007. - Saturday
Listnening to...
Playlist on my comp, right now it's playing "Let the sunshine in" from movie "Hair"

My mood today is...

I really did want to write and update site over holidays. I really did. I just don't know why I didn't... It must be some force from space! Or little alians that came in my head... Ok, I'm telling stupidnessssssss.... Don't listen to me, don't listen to me, just PLEASE don't listen to me...
I did want to update site, but when I wanted my internest was broken.. Blah, how stupid is that!? That's why I didn't anserw on all those e-mails... Sorry! :( And this few days I really didn't ahd time. I went to grandmas, I went out with my friends (since I won't see them so much...) and I argued with my family. Really great... NOT! 

My precious... (don't mind turtle food around...)

But I won't grumple (or whatever...) since I got crystal jewlery for New Year!!!! WEEEEE! It's really, really beautiful! Those are two neclesses that can go as one or apart. One is like triangle with white crystals and other is in shape of tear with pink, purple and pink-o-purple crystals! I tried to picture it, but I didn't make it so well... Blah... Other presents are great, great book "Augustus" from my dear, dear friends, earrings from them, SpongeBob sponge (LOL!), "Pirats of the Carribian I" (spelling!), "Singin' in the rain", "Now, Voyager" and "Cry-Baby" DVDs and, I'm jumping from happiness" GRETA GARBO DVD SET! *weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* I alredy watched "Ninochka" and I died laughing! From movies, I also watched "Singin' in the rain", 1st part of "Audrey Hepburn's story" and "Hair" yesterday with mom. I needed just a moment more to start crying... It's so sad movie on end, but songs are great! 


Also, today is Max Pirkis' birthday. And although my dad keeps saying I DON'T have HBO, I'll continue bothering him so I can just see Max. Happy 18th  birthday Max!!! 9now he;s defenetly too old for me... :()
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU PEOPLE AND MAY ALL WISHES COME TRUE TO YOU!!!! Also, happy Christmas to all my school friends and peopel who celebarate Christams tomorrow! (I DO! And I can't wait to see will I get "I, Claudius" book!)

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Just another manic tuesday...

 19h of December, 2006. - Tuesday
Listnening to...
Renee Olstead, again!

My mood today is...

If man could die from  boredness, I would do it today. I mean, nothing special happened, except we had Physic test, I drank 2 teas and T(ehnical)E(ducation) teacher gave me 4 for end of hallf year. Did I mention that I hate life? I also started working on projet about my site. I gave it name "Dream in silver" since it's all about old actress. ^^; That's right, I'm gonna make my site in  old Hollywood. Notice picture for my mood: that's Jean Harlow, ORIGINAL bombshell which Marilyn Monroe just coppied. And after it people will say that Mailyn Monrow is great... Well, she isn't. She just had good body and luck in life. And then she killed herself...

Grrr! Can't stand her...

Yes, that's right. I don't like Marilyn. So what? Sue me! I just don't! I think she got much more publicity then any other actress. and in fact she wasn't as good in acting as spomeone like Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth or Jean Harlow herself (I haven't saw any movie with her, but I really trust my dear friend Gina! ^^;) and she was FAAAAAR more popular then any of them. I don't think many people heard about some other actress from taht time, but EVERYBODY heard of Marilyn. I think she's one of most overrated persons in history, if not even most overrated.

 Anyway, enaugh of hate, and lets go on some love. Like "in love" love. Like love for Max. Hehe, I just can't resist it. I found nex web with his pictures!
It's on some language (I think German), but you can easily find pictures. There are from that movie he made ("Master and Commender" I think that's anme, but I'm lazy to see) and from 1st 3 episodes of that show "Rome".

I NEED this book! Of cores, not on chinese...

Still reading nothing. It's hard. But what can I do? I wait for "Kira-Kira" to come and it's not comming! They said taht it should come in December and still nothing. I hope it's one of my ma's things againand that she'll suprise me as she did with Hilary McKay's books, but I doubt it. she can't lie taht easily to us (she always shes laughing) and I asked her 100 times does she know when is it comming. I always start with "I know I'm boring, but..." I just can't help my self! I want to read that book so badly! Ghhhhhh!
Now - off to bed before my grandma gets heart attac from us. She's yelling today since we (Andrew and I) tried to trow noddles at each other. *lol* I know iit's no good, but it's funny! I just can't help my self...
and Chcolate
from your friend Anya!

Three words: I hate life

167h of December, 2006. - MANIC Monday...
Listnening to...
1st 7 songs on album "The Essential Bangles" by The Bangles. Manly, song Manic Monday

My mood today...

I didn't wanted to be feminist! It MADE me be! (yeah, right!)

Motto of my life is "I hate life". And I have really good reasons for this! Like 1st, I have love problems, but I can;'t talk about it here since he can show up (or some of his friends). 2nd, stupid chemistry teacher didn't wanted to ask me and she looked throug me! I hate when they do that! My Serbian techer that was here last year always did that, and it goes on my nerves soooo much! 3rd, we had test from history and learned to ANSERW not for test! Our history book is so badly written that I can't tell! It's awful! I can't learn anything so I took Johnny's book (remember, wonder kid?) and just learned what he did. The End. But noooooo, she HAD to gives us stupid test hasn't she??? I think I hate her as well...  4th thing why I hate life is 'cause we I should have test today and she moved it for thursday and on friday we have another test!!! I mean, PLEASE LET ME LIVE PEOPLE! last thing why I hate life is 'cause ma said to me that she'll buy me one WONDERFUL, GREAT, AMAZING dress if I study and get good marks, and now, whith this all going on, there's no way I'll get dress!

I'll just, on end, need to get my money, forget about jewlery ad buy my self dres... V-V Did I mention that I HATE LIFE!?

Age of aquarious!

Good thing in my life is that I got 5 (it's as A, but it's not A) from my essey about Frida, that I got 5 for end of half year from Serbian, that we have kind feminist essey to do from Serbian for friday and that we'll have free book to read for Febuary. Basicly, it's all 'cause of Serbian...I think I'm gonna get "Falling Angels" for that free book. Or that or "The Virgin Blue" or "The Lady and the Unicorn". Mantly, it HAS to be Tracy Chevallier so I can show EVERYBODY how good that women writes! Her books are amazing and I'm TOTALLY in love with them! They are on my list of top 5-books/complet-of-books/books-by-same-writer, closely followed by "The Little Women" (Louisa May Alcott). After it, it's, as you know, "Saffy's Angle" and other book 'bout Casson family, "Gone with the wind" and "Wuthering Heights". "Kleopatra" is on 6th place since it don't really follow MY veiw of Egyptian queen (which you can get out of "Asterix" comic books)...

On friday I must watch "Jezebel". I putted on my Christams wish list "Poltergeist", "All about Eve", "Gilda", "Mulan Rouge!", "Practical Magic", "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "My fair lady" and, basicly, all old movies they can find. I also need to find time to watch "Hair" for hoidays. My dad has it and I must watch it with my ma. Just to see what are hippis about. i really like the way they dress and all that "peace, love and harmony" thing, but I HATE fact that they were conected to drugs. So, I'm just gonna be feminist (it's "falling angels" fault, not mine!) and I'll be hippy at free time! ^^; Lol! I made my own "political" group: NDFLFWRTAE. That's short for long National Democratic Feminist League For Women's Rights That Alredy Exist. I'm not being serous at this, don't worry, I was just thinking how unfair was that women didn't ahd any rights in history, so I annyed my friends with that and I started to joke with them, so I made my own league in that joke. And then I find out about hippys so I was in dilema what to do, but now I figured it all out! *make happy, stupid face*

Enaugh of books, now I have to go to study physic (which I hate, hate, hate) and afgter it I, geography and after it I'm gonna

P.S. Did I meantion that I HATE LIFE????

This is basicly why I hate Sundays...

16th of December, 2006. - Sunday
Listnening to...

Renee Olstead on her offical web site (Click to link and listen to it. Girl has amazing voice!)

My mood today...

Real thing for me! (remote, not weird guy!)

  1. I have to study
  2. It's boring
  3. I have to study
  4. Even when I don't ahve to study, everybody are busy
  5. Ma and pa are bored and nervius
  6. I have to study
  7. Tomorrow is school...
  8. I have to study
  9. It's not SUNday, it's FOGday! I can't remember when was sun on Sunday!
  10. Did I ever mention that I have to study?

Honestly, if I had remote control like in "Click" (I didn't liked that movie by the way) I would just skeep Sunday! It's so annoying and boring and it gives me stress! I, simply, wanna go crazy! Like today - I had from 11 to 15 math class, from 15:30 to 17 chemistry class and after it I learned history and washed my hair! What did I do nothing! Good thing? That there was text about Rita Haywoth in newspaper. But even in that I was mad since they translated "Gilda" to be read somthing as "Jilda'! I mean "Jilda"!!!! Hello!?!?!?

One and only BETTE DAVIS!

After all, I didn't ahd time to watch "Jezebe" with Bette Davis I taped yesterday and I didn't read book I have to for Serbian. What will I tell teacher tomorrow? That I'm didot that didn't read book she likes??? Will I lie that I was busy? That I was ill? That I'm mentaly ill (she'll defenetly gonna belive me in this one!)??? That I'm in love (OK, this is not a lie, but it's not excue eather...)??? That alians took real Anya and that I'm her evil twin sister who didn't had time to read book since she came from end-of-world few seconds ago??? Worst thing in all??? SERBIAN TECHER IS GOOD AND SHE LIKES ME AND I FEEL TERRIBLE WHEN I DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT FOR HER!!! That's it... I said it... Let's move on...

Anyway, I think I basicly know what will I all get for Christmas holidays - I think I even figure out what will Dee and Melly buy to me! From ma and pa.. oh,. sorry, from Santa, I'm gonna get probbably cristal necles fron New Year and books 'I, Claudius" and II part (I think it's "Claudius the God") for Christmas (since here New Year is bigger thing then Christmas). I asked ma if that's too much, but she told me she now has money and that she'l tell me if she don't and to shud up. So I did.

I also saw WONDERFUL dress I loved, but ma told me she'll get me if I start to study. So I started. Ok, I at last tried to start. Well see tomorrow on classes did I start. We also bought gift for Melly, but I really wanna keep it for my self! LOL! I can't get my eyes of me, but she promised me that she'll borrow me it, so I'm come. Let's just say that gift is great (at alst for me and, I think, her) and that you'll know what is it as soon as she gets it. I saw wonderful think for Dee's b-day too so now I'm come! I though what will I buy to ma and Tiff (no , not mirror... Lol!), but you'll hear all about it after holidays! Sorry dears, it's just not safe to tell it here!

To watch or not to watch - Sheakspir is turning in his grave!

Also, I'm HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY since I might have chanse to make New Year party at mine place! I hope it's true since it's gonna be GREAT then! I hope I'll make them (my friends) watch some older movie as "My Fair Lady". Ok, it's not so old, but it's old enaugh for them. No offence , girls, but I would rater watch "City Lights", silent movie with Charlie Chaplin. It's great, but I'm afraid that you'll trow something on my computer if I let you watch it... LOL!

Well, ahve to go now to read book, listen to music, read math and history little more and just, simply die from love! I send you all kisses!

and Chocolate
from your crazy friend Anya!
P.S. I just notice that I wrote "Marry Christmas" on maidn paige like someone is getting married... Try not to notice that and I'll try to fix it.. LOL, LOL, LOL!

Jingle bells, jingle bells... are just to early! 

My mood today...

Is THIS my future???

14th of December, 2006 - Thursday
*looking proudly at graphics for about 100 years and then finaly starts writting*
It's not that I made this pictures, but GOSH they are good! I dunno how I did them all, but it took me a lots of time and lots of makr in school to do it. So, please don't laugh at them...
I'm becoming Narciussus! Nooooo! Now I'm going to go around with mirror! And I'm gonna sound like Tiff! NOOOOO!
Ok, it's not that bad...
Anyway, I wasn't feeling my self today. Nothing new, nothing fun... Bought newspaper, there is about that Marlene Ditrich (spelling!!!). We had only 4 classes. No any new mark. I wrote my written test yeasterday and I think I got it fine. I hope she'll bring resultats tomorrow. Now I'm listening to Renee Olstead and I'm thinking about Christmas. Just notice all this Christmas decorations all over site. And that green and red color! It's all gonna be in Christmas/New Year spirit! I'm so happy I'll finaly have some time to rest although I'm sad that I won't see my crush over holidays... V-V That's bad. That's vary bad...
Still, I can't wait to get presents! I think I'm gonna get crystal and books "I, Claudius" I and II part. Still haven't figured out what will I get from my friends, although I know what will I buy to them. Except to Tiff.
Well, I'll just have to buy her mirror... ^_^ Tiff, dear, if you read this, yes you are Narcissus!


*dies again* (I'm like cat, I have 9 lives and they are all for Max)

Notice to only guy on picture. That's HIM

Also, I'm vary proud to say that I wrote one chapter yesterday! YES, after 1000 days of not-writting-mood, I FINALY got ideas. Hope it's not more then 100 pages till end sibce I alredy ahve about 200 and I have no idea who will read that much! Still, I figured out that if one day they make movie out of book (which they won't), I wanna Max Pirkis to play guy who ends up with main character. And till they time I'll need to become actress so I can be that main charcater! ^_^ LOL!
Speking of Max, take look on pictures which I found on intenet. Rest you eyes witch looking at most cute boy at whole wild world! Ahhhh.... I'm meling!
Now I'm off to learn math and die since I have big test tomorrow. Wonderful Vivien Leigh, lordess Greta Garbo and St. Mary Pickford HAVE MERCY!

 Who's the only 14-year-old girl who would die to see Swan Lake ballet? *raise hand*

My mood today...

Swan Lake? Of cores!

11th of December, 2006 - Monday
Fine, I admit it, I'm weird... I mean, I adore figure skating, I would love to see opera or ballet, I wanna go to theatar, I like old actress... I just simply can't help my self! I know I'm only idiot who's angry at dad 'cause he didn't buy cards for Swan Lake, but that was famoust Bolshoi theatre! There was here  now and next time they will be here...
Ok, they'll be here in March, but WHO CARES, I WANTED TO SEE SWAN LAKE!
And I so want to go to that competition... I started learning Croation. *laughs* Of cores, it stupid from me to learn Croatian since it's nearly same language, but I'm just kiddng with Melly. That keeps me alive till January of 2008. If they don't forget to buy tickets... Khm...
Fine! I am crazy! And I am only fool who would love to see Swan Lake, but that's just me! And nothing else on this theme...


Which one is original? ;) LOL!

Ok, maybe one thing connected to this them... Well, I done 2 more pictures from Russian... One is with three firls in Russian dresses... And other...
Yes, other is with ballerina...
But how could I resist? After all, Russia is one of best countries when it comes to ballet. So I decided to draw Anna Pavlova, one of greatest ballet dancers that vere lived. I think I done fine job. Take a look yourself...
I though also to do skater, but I was soooooo bored and no-in-mood-to-paint-any-more, so I just stoped and came here. And now... Now I have to learn Tehnical Education...
I'm lazy, lazy idiot... Just don't ask...

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