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4th of December - 20th of December
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Boring weeking, but still with some news...

My mood today...

Chrystals are the girl's best friends...

10th of December, 2006 - Sunday
I'm bored...
Really, I go around the house not knowing what to do... Yesterday was interesting, but nothing exciting. I was with Dee in town. We saw what we'll buy Melly for New Year. But, since Melly can come here, I can't tell ya what will it be... You just wait till New Year. I made same mistake yesterday as few weeks ago - I came in shop with Swarowski crystals. God, I would die to have those things! Thery are so... spakiling! WOW! Can't wait till New Year to get one! Woooo! This is gonna be one of best New Years (I hope...)!
I was at painting class and I was talking to Luke all the time so my picture was horrible. Ok, it wasn't SO bad but I wasn't pleased with it eather. It's all cause I'm in love. Luke couldn't figure out who is my crush, not even after 3 hours of guessing. Ok, he guessed, but OF CORES I didn't tell him he guessed! Hehe! I'm evil! He do't know who is that although he mention him 100 times. Why are boys so stupid sometimes???

Part of 1st picture

Part of picture no2

Today, when I woke up, I went to shop, bough breakfats and newspaper (so I can cut that thing about old actress they ahve in it - it was about Mae West today!) and... well, set down to study. I studied georgaphy and I couldn't find half of things I have to. Grrr, why am I so stupid??? After it, I done some pictures for Russian (nation cloths). My ma don't like them it seems. I think they are fine. Ok, not perfect, I would do it better if I had time and pictures of national dresses, but they are OK. I done them with those aquarial colors or whatever-their-name-is. I also find out site with MUCHO Max Pirki's pictures and I'm desapionted there are no pictures after 2004th... Blah, when new episodes of "Rome" comes out in January (which I won't watch because 1)"Rome" is not for kids; 2)they don't show it here), there be SOME pictures of him to rest my eyes! For that time, enojoy this older pictures on which he looks like idiot...

YES, I DID took picture of SpongeBob toys...

Did I told ya that I was with Dee and Melly at "Idea" centar at friday? No? Well I was. And we were in bookstore (duh!), shop with jewlery, shop with parfumes, shop with clothes and toy store. YES, A TOY STORE! You may call it emberessing, but I had great time! Oh, just to see what things they have there! They have all beautiful cloths for little kids and many, many things in Christmas spirt, dolls and toys... There is one plastic rock with letters "Santa Rocks" and when you press it it sings "Rock around the clock" from 50s! How cool is that??? And guess what? They have 1000 things with SpongeBob!!!! I spend most of time reading SpongeBob books, playing with toys and singing "SantaBob SquarCoat" holding toy of SpongeBob in Snata suit! Idiotc? Yes. Emberessing? Yes. Dumb? Yes. Crazy? Yes. Entertaming? YES, YES, YES!!! :D

Something other new? OF CORES! (why would I mention that anyway if there wasn't anything more new???) Guess where will 2008th europan championship in figure skating be? Nope, not here (who would EVER go here? Like 1st, we don't know S about Skating and like 2nd, no one from skaters would find Serbia..), but you're close. It'll be in Zagreb in Croatia so I might go if my ma thinks it safte (some political reasons, I'm out of politic)!
Dear lordess (what stupid word - I made it my self! It's female from "lord") Greta Garbo, MAKE it safte!!!

Obssesion about writing? That's my second name!

My mood today...

8th of December, 2006 - Friday
Suprisingly, school was interesting today. I just can't say why... Or I can? Let's see... Is that because we didn't have geograpy test? Maybe. Is that because Joanne (Jovana) came back to school so I could talk to her and Tiff all class? Probably. Is that because one thing I can't tell you about? Oh, so that's it! It's that! Yep, it'shourly that! There can't be anything but that! That is thing I can't tell you about. Of cores, you can mail me to ask me what that is, but it isn't for everybody's ears...
Interesting thing no2? Most defineatly written test we have in wednesday! I just adore written tests! That's 'cause I adore to write. And writen test is all about writing! So I just love it!
Thems will be something like this:
1) My trip
2) My idol/ideal
3) Violence
Dear, dear St. Mary Oickford, why are you doing this to me? I mean, you're giving me 3 SOOPER thems and I can write only one! WHY ME? Honestly, I would write on those thems all day if I want! Such great thems! On 1st, I would write about Corfu, all those interesting things I saw, and graet things that happened. On 2nd one I could analise my self greatly. And on 3rd one I could free my hippy-spirit and talk how bad is violence and how cruel people can be. I started to think what will I do on class and I nearly started to cry about what will I write. Johnny, boy that sits with me this month (read: genious and most smart in all 8th garde, and wider!), told me to write about trip of my idol that's violent. Oh, good thinking, but I want to write about every thing separeted. And I really don't think that teacher would accept my essey.
Of cores, this fact didn't stoped my from laughing out loud on his "advice"...

Frida painting one of her greatest pictures

I asked maman what to do. And she gave me graet, great, GREAT advice. I wanna become artist. I had my exibition. Why not to write about some artist?
Great idea! But about who? Hmmmm... Rembrant, Da Vinci, Van Gogh... Interesting, but I'm not so much into their work... After all, I need to know something about that artist, and I never read any biography of any of them (I don't include The Painter, great book about Remberan, but based on rumors and on writer's imagination). About who's life I know most? What painter I like? Who do I admire?
What easy question! FRIDA KAHLO!
Oh, shoure, she was crazy. Still, I would be crazy too if I had crash as she had. She did love that... well, that guy Diego (who I personaly don't like) who was cruel and all. But Heatcliff is cruel too and Catherine loved him (Wuthering Heights anyone?). And, after all, that is Frida's personal life. And she did had depressing and "WOW" (on suprsing way, not good way) pictures/drawings. But she had to get her feelings somewhere. She has never been someone who draw/paint for money or fame. She painted for herself and her soul!
And that is what I like about her and about what will I write...

Julie Andrews, stop doing that to me!

Julie Andrews, singing "Eat-Anya's-Brain" song...

My mood today...

6th of December, 2006 - Tyesday
There's fantasic topic at HPANA about Old/Silent movies. Well, you can just guess who spends time there (me)... So, Robyn (my friend from "Bookworm" topic) mentioned that she'll download "The Sound of Music" soundtrack. Remember that movie with Julie Andrews when she plays that Maria who takes care of children doing WW II? And when they run on Austria's hills and sing "Do-Re-Mi"? Well, that's that movie. I nvere saw it (Dunno how could I miss that!), but  I heard 'Do-Re-Mi" song so many times and loved it! So I asked her to send me songs. And she did. And so I putted songs on my mp3 and listened to them and then I slept.
And when I woke up, I sang "Do-Re-Mi". And I went to school singing "Do-Re-Mi". And I spend classes singing "Do-Re-Mi". And sang it, and seng it and seng it all until my perls broke.... YES, MY LUCKY PERLES! Dunno how that happened since I just putted them in beg during PE! And they broken! St. Mary Pickford, WHY are you doing this to me??? Basicly, I didn't ahd much of luck for rest of day - or at last I thinks so since there is nothing new in my love like (this means that my crush is still being idiot, that I'll probably not see my 2nd crush in about 100 years and that cute, cute, CUTE Max Pirkins HASN'T came from England to make me feel better when perles broke. Oh, and Clark Gable hasn't took off grave..).
Ok, ok, I give up! My day HASN'T been as half as bad as I though it wil be! I mean, it was fine. I was off to library, off to video-club (after long, long thinging I didn't take Dead Poets Society AGAIN, I took The Notebook) and I was out with Melly, Dee and Dora (from Melly and Dee's class) and THAT ALL SINGING SONGS FROM "THE SOUND OF MUSIC". I mean, I didn't saw the movie and I alredy love it! And I was nearly daning when I heard "Sixteen Going On Seventeen" on YouTube! I mean, I don't see what's the point, but I just happen to ADORE those kind of "LaLaLa" songs! I mean, on physic I sang "Do-Re-Mi" so much that Natalie took of her seat and went on other side of classroom...
What did I lear today? That Julie Anrews cursed me...
"Do - a dear, a female dear, Re - a drop of golden sun. Mi - a name I call my self..." See what I'm talking about???? "DO-RE-MI" AGAIN! It's great song, but I'LL EAT MY BRAIN OUT!!!
P.S. Watch "Do-Re-Mi" video here and become as sick as me -
After you finish singing with Julie, watch my friend's Gina's video that she made all by her self here - . It's from Titanic about Rose and Thomas Andrew's daughter/father reletionship. It's so beautiful!!!


My mood today...

6th of December, 2006 - Wednesday
Nothing new today except I'm depressed... again. It comes to me every secon day, I guess...
Anyway, when i'm depressed, I listen to special depressing/sad/slow songs. In last time, whenever I'm speressed (read: ALWAYS) I listen to song Lullaby of stormy night by Vienna Teng (or something like that). You should listen to it, it's wonderful! I cryed 1st time I hears it! Anyway, I must thank Gina for song since if there wasn't her great "Titanic" video, I wouldn't find out for this beautiful, beautiful song!
Download it here:

Learning history at P.E.

My mood today...

5th of December, 2006 - Tyesday
Well, if you ever wondered from what time PE became subject, I have anserw: in time of antic Romans.
Romans used PE to troture their prisoners...
No, really, today I nearly broke neck, but so called "bridge" I didn't do... Only think I made was my head hurting me bad and my legs to become elasic. Also, I have chemystry test tomorrow. And I anserw Bilogy. And I have to learn opera vocals for music. In name of Veronica Lake's ashes, why is this all happening to me???

Isn't he just too cute???

Still, that all doesn't matter any more - I'm happy, happy, happy! Why? 1st, I'm in love - again - in one actor... Well, now, not in love lke "I wanna marry him", but he's soooo cute (and althugh Tiff and Melly say he isn't, I'll just belive to Dee who says he is...). Name: Max Pirkis. Age: about 18. Look: CUTE! Of cores, it's not all. I got from internet when is Europan Chanpionship in Figure Skating on!!! Weeee! Isn't that great? It's on Jenuary and I call you all Figure Skating lovers, to enjoy with me watching it on 23rd January on... well, some channel. It's gonna be in Poland this year. Here's program:




21 January, Sunday

whole day

Official Practice Day


22 January, Monday

whole day

Official Practice Day


23 January, Tuesday

whole day

Official Practice Day


Ice dancing, Compulsory dance


Opening on Ice, Pairs - Short program


24 January, Wednesday

whole day

Official Practice Day


Men Short program

19:00 - 21:55

Pairs, Free skating, Victory Ceremony


25 January, Thursday

whole day

Official Practice Day


Ice dancing, Original Dance


Men, Free skating, Victory Ceremony


26 January, Friday

whole day

Official Practice Day


Ladies, Short program


Ice dancing, Free dance Victory Ceremony


27 January, Saturday

whole day

Official Practice Day


Ladies, Free Skating, Victory Ceremony



28 January, Sunday


Exhibition Gala



But greatest from greates things why I am happy is just to be announced. It's such stupid thing, but I'm silly and I'm happy because FOUND VIDEOS FROM MY FAVE TV SHOW ON NET! Yep, that's it! That's why I'm so happy all day! Crazy, huh? I'm talking about my all-time-fave show "Central Park West" which was on TV here exacly one year ago. I feel in love with it, though I'll never know why, and since day it ended I'm parying to St. SpongeBob that they show it again and that I tape it. This is not exacly "showing again" but someone finally tried to fullfill my pairers. Go to YouTube, tipe "Central Park West" and enjoy in about 12 clips from this fantastic soap-opera/drama. I adored most clips with Carrie since she's my favorite from show. Yaeh, she's eveil witch and yeah, she destroied many people's lives, but God, how fun is she to watch!
Link to one video (of cores, with Carrie):
Now, back to real world of bilogy, chemystry and historical PE...

Am I becoming blind? :O

My mood today is...

4th of December, 2006. - Monday
In the name of St. Mary Pickford, what's happenening? Am I becoming blind? Or am I just too much in love???
No, really, at chemistry class today I couldn't see black board! And I couldn't see what's writting on it... I mean, how crazy is that? Of cores, it's not from make-up, I use it everyday. What is that then? Maybe I'm just depressive? I mean, I am. I am depressive, again! That goes on my nerves everyday more, but I just can't help it. Weather outside is just too depressive for me to be happy. GGive me sun or snow and I'll be happy - give me fog, I'm gonna cut my arm. I guess that's how it goes...
Never mind, I'm really busy this days - I have to study chemistry, math, english, biology, geography and basicly everythinhg other, I have to change Cornelia Camille's water (my turtle), i ahve to tide room, I have to write and I have to put somewhere in near future PJ party for my friends. See how busy I am???
What did I meantion about cutting arm again???

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