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On this page you'll be able to see what are mine favorite books. Hope you'll get idea what will you read next! :)

1 -Fallen Angels by Tracy Chevalier
Story: Story is about two families that, on 1st look, don't have anything in commen exept close parts on garviard. But, soon two girls from families become friends. This story takes 10 year on begging of 20th centuray.
Why shoul you read it?: Because it has such touching story, wonderful characters and totally original story. It's Tracy's 3rd book (she written 4 so far, you'll read about them here) and it's my favorite! It defenetly has special place in my heart!
Fave Charcater: Ivy May Waterhouse
Mark: 10/10
2 - Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Srtory: Beautiful family classic about 4 sisters in 19th centuary. Based on Louisa May Alcott's land her sister's lifes.
Why should you read it?: Because it has worm, classic story about love, lost and life.
Fave Charcter: Amy March, followed by Elizabeth "Beth" March
Mark: 10/10
3 -Gone With the Wind by Margaret Michelle
Story: Great and complicated story about war in America and southen Belle Scarlett O'Hara, her life and loves.
Why should you read it?: Because it's legend, because it's lovely and because of charming, charming Rhett Butler
Fave character: Rhett Buttler
Mark: 10/10
4 - The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier
Story: Story is about painter of minniatures and his loves. It has great destriptions of legendery taphyseries which has same name as book and on which book is based on. Story can sometimes hold secrets and suprises which is wonderful.
Why should you read it?: Because it has great destriptions and it's great story, original and full of love.
Fave character: Aleinor de la Chapelle
Mark: 10/10
5 - Saffy's Angle (+Indigo's star, Permanented Rose and Caddy ever after) by Hilary McKay
Story: Story is about silly, artist English family with 4 children and their adventures and lifes.
Why should you read it?: Because it's funny, family story and I'm 100% shore that you'll at last onece laugh while reading it!
Fave character: Rose Casson, Sarah forgot-her-surname and Tom Levin
Mark: 10/10
6 -Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
Story: This is classic story of never dying love of Catherin and Heatcliffe full of love, passion, sadness and tragic happens.
Why should you read it?: Because it's story that never dies, that's always atractive, warm and strong, no matter how old are you!
Fave character: Catherine Ernshaw (older)
Mark: 10/10
7 - The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier
Story: This is 1st Tracy's novel, and it's somehow little deffrent. It looks on lives of two womens, Isabelle from 16th centary and Ella from 20th and it talk about their lifes and tragic happenings.
Why should you read it?: It's only Tracy's novel that has part in modern times. It's great story, although it hard. You should read it 'cause it's great story and 'cause Tracy's great work.
Fave character: Little Mary Tournier and Isabella Tournier
Mark: 10/10, as always
8 -Girl with a pearl earring by Tracy Chevalier
Story: Story is based on same-named painting and tells story of strange love between servant Greit and great Netherland's artist.
Why should you read it?: Although it's best seller it's my last fave Tracy's work. Of core, this don't amek it bad, it's vary, vary good story. Tracy, again, has original ideas, lovely character, tragic motives and lots of love and relsehonships. Story is pecful and soft, but sometimes vary hard to understand also.
Fave character: Although they don't show much, Agnes and Lisaebth (I think thsoe are names...)
Mark: 10/10. of cores
8 -Kleopatra (+Pharaoh) by Karen Essex
Story: Well known story of great Egyptian queen Cleopatra (one of most famoust women taht evr lived) and her lovers and her life. 1st part is about her childhood and 2nd about her life with lover Ceaser and Marc Antony.
Why should you read it?: Karen showed Cleopatra in totally other way then I pictured her, but story is good, writing is fine and Cleopatra always stay Cleopatra! :)
Fave character: I guess no one since there are not many of them and I all know them from history...
Mark: 9.5/10
9 -Ferwell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway
Story: during WW II two people, American soldier and English nurse, met and fell in big, big love that you fell only once in life!
Why should you read it?: Ernest Hemingway's novels are alwys hard to understand, but his destriptions are beautiful, stories tragic (and sometimes even true!), characters original and dialogs simple. Beutiful novel!
Fave character: There aren't many characters, but Catherine is great
Mark: 9/10
10 - Noel Streatfild's books Ballet shoes, Danicning shoes and White Boots/Skating Shoes
Story: Three defrent but semiliar stories about girl on begging of 20th cenytuary that has great gifts and talents and about their childhoods.
Why should you read it?: I putted this 3 books together because they all have simliar thing and that is great magic in stories. They are all wonderful and full of love, somtimes even humor. Although little childish, this stories are something whcih every girl must read.
Fave character: Posy Fosil, Petrova Fosil, Rachel and Harriete
Mark: 9.5/10
11 -A Little Princess by Frances Hogdson Burnett
Story: Lovely and charming story about Sarah, smart and dreamy girl who has big imagenation that beats even her tragic desteny
Why should you read it?: This is one of those books which's lession you keep your whole life in heart. It's greatly written and it learned even me, as 14-year-old-girl, many lessons. Unforgotable book!
Fave character: Sarah Crewe (duh!) and Lottie
Mark: 10/10
12 -Adeiu mes quanze ans by Claude Campagne
Story: Story of Nowedan girl Fannie and part of her, unually peacful, life. I can't tell more, it would ruen story.
Why should you read it?: It's warm, hard, tragic, but aslo mystery book and it's written really, really good, into detal.
Fave character: Ingwild
Mark: 9.5/10
13 - The Painter by Will Deverpont (spleiing! I'll see for his real name later)
Story: When famoust painter Remberant go to Engliand he fell much in love with capten's wife, Amelia. About 4 cenuries later, Amy (painter) find Amelia's notes and find out that she was her relation. 
Why shoul you read it?: It's little in style of Tracy Chevalier, but it also have mystery note with wonderful destriptions and such original and interesting story that will make you not to take look from book.
Fave Charcater: Uf, I couldn't really tell since, although characters are graetly writen, they are not most likable. Maybe Amy...
Mark: 9/10

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