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ey there visitor! Welcome to my site! I'm glad you're here! I hope you will feel like at your home! This is my own web site where I'll talk about me, myself and I. ^_^ *lol* I really am Narcissus. Just kidding, this is site I made to spend my time and think I did something great in my life (although I didn't). If you click around a little, you'll see how I spend my days, who am I, who are my friends, who's in my family, what I like, what I don't like... You can read my fan fic and look at my photos. You migh find out more about my favorite things, look at my links and all that.I hope you'll find this all interesting.


 If you have some comment, just follow yellow brick road to guest-book! :)

This site is still somehwere under construction and I'll edit it from time to time.


Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you'll come back again!





and Chocolate

-Marlene (Anya)


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30th October - I changed backround song. It's "Lullaby for a stormy night" by Vienna Teng. It's the most beautiful song ever, I listen to her all the time. Thanks to Jean from whoes fab video I heard it!:) Oh, and new pages are here. Also, I have my own forum now. Come and join!
Best wishes from Marlene!

28th October - Please vote on poll below. Also, if you want to support me, there are banner in "All those other things". ShoutBox is opened as well. Enjoy!:)
Best wishes from Marlene!

27th October- I added my fan fic page, I organized "Friends and Family" page, I done little diting all over, I organized links, I added sound to main page (Norah Jones "Rosie's Lullaby).... I done a lot, that is! :D Still need to work on "This is me page", need to add sound to other pages, need to organize photo album and to add pictures to friends and family as well and need to add one special page. Keep comming to see supirses! :D
Best wishes,

26th of October - Why, I'm alive! Can you belive that? No, neather can I. Anyway, I'll try to work on this site all time now. Stay tuned. :D Oh, by the way, call me Marlene now. Explenation in my diary!
Best wishes,

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